Skipton, North Yorkshire


Holy Trinity Church sits at the top of the Main Street, in Skipton.  As you can see it is adorned with a gigantic tee-shirt to welcome the Tour de Yorkshire which took place a few years ago. During the week you can go through the main door of the church towards a cafe.  They serve sandwiches and cakes and tea and are open until about 2:30 p.m. Holy Trinity overlooks the market town of Skipton in grand style.  Just to the right of the church, you will find Skipton Castle where you have to purchase a ticket to enter, but ghosts come free. As a child we visited here on a school trip and entered the dark dungeons and the curators would turn the lights off – not sure if they would be allowed to do that today.

Check the posting on early closing and market days to make sure the shops and cafes are open.  Skipton is known as the “Gateway to the Dales.”  Just beyond Skipton is Gargrave, Grassington, Kilnsey Crag, Bolton Abbey, and Bolton Abbey Railway.

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