The North of England is a hidden gem.  Southern England seems to attract most of the attention for visitors to England, but once you see what the North of England has to offer, you will be drawn back to visit and explore the picturesque beauty of this area. By sharing photographs through the lens of a Yorkshire girl, well actually woman, these photographs will take you on a journey through the Northwest.  You will  be enveloped with sunsets, old cottages, vast lakes, tea shops, trout farms, hills and valleys, cheese farms, and the homes of British authors, including Emily Bronte and Charlotte Bronte in Bradford(to be added at a future date) and Haworth, West Yorkshire; and Wordsworth in Town End, Grasmere, Cumbria.

Lynne Kiwczak is originally from West Yorkshire, where she spent over thirty years of her life living in the area.  But, like many Yorkshire people, when they move away to another country, or county, they come back to see their roots.  There is an old saying, “You can take the girl out of Yorkshire, but you cannot take the Yorkshire out of the girl.”  Plus, a Yorkshire girl very rarely loses her “accent” – a topic we will go into detail in another blog posting. Like the person who lives in Canada who has never seen the Niagara Falls, we often do not take time to “wake up and smell the roses;” and in my case, my very own backyard, the North of England. The whiterose or yorkshirerose are many names used by yorkshire people to reflect they are from Yorkshire, and the white rose – well that is the flower emblem for York and now Yorkshire.  (Under the posting of White Rose – you will read an article which shares the controversy of Yorkshire people using the white rose in their flags and eventually being allowed to use it).

My mother actually lived in one of the Bronte family  homes in Thornton, Bradford, West Yorkshire (photograph to be added when located). Later in life my mother and family members would  visit Bronte Parsonage, where the Bronte family lived at the top of a cobbled street on the Main Street of Haworth. Check the “Bronte” posting for further details.

All of these wonderful places have been photographed and admired as a child and adult. Now, living in Florida, my love for the history and the beautiful countryside I left behind continues to draw me back.  Here are the results in my blog.


Copyright © 2016 by D. Lynne Kiwczak. Photographs and Illustrations copyright © 2016 by D. Lynne Kiwczak. All Rights Reserved.

All photographs in this blog and future books are photographs taken by D. Lynne Kiwczak. For information contact Lynne Kiwczak at loveyorkshirerose@gmail.com.


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