Bradley, North Yorkshire


Plaque in Bradley public parking area for the canal.  This plaque shows the history of Lower Bradley and Upper Bradley, North Yorkshire.

Just behind the park is the parking lot for visitors to the area.  A cricket field is situated parallel to the parking lot, where cricket matches are played most weekends in the summer, and you can purchase a cup of tea and a sandwich, biscuit (cookie in USA), and slices of pie or cake.  A five minute walk between the road leading past the mill and cricket field and you will find a corner shop for those items you may have forgotten to purchase, including the the daily newspaper, cat food, milk, tea, cheese and more.

On the tow path, heading south towards Keighley, you will come across a monument.  It is situated on the other side canal.  When you come across the swing bridge, you will cross this, and there you will see a monument dedicated to Polish airmen during WWII. They crashed into the hillside during a training exercise.  You can still see the indentation made by the plane.  A few years ago my dad told me they found the wife of one of the pilots and she attended the ceremony. Check out this link to learn more:

Polish pilots – crashed at Bradley:



Barges moored up for the night, whilst tractors cut the grass in the foreground and in the distance the village of Bradley, North Yorkshire



Barges docked for the evening – Mill in the distance, now turned into apartments, in the village of Bradley, North Yorkshire 

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